Q: What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A: It is the front door to our community! A Chamber of Commerce is a one stop information and resource center for visitors, locals, businesses and those outside of the area seeking information and assistance. The Chamber of Commerce is also the voice for the community. We advocate on behalf of the members we serve. 

Q: Is the Chamber of Commerce a division of the City, County, or Lodging Tax Board? 

A: No, but we often partner with these entities. 

Q: What are the major funding sources for the Chamber of Commerce? 

A: The majority of funding comes from business, organization, and individual memberships who believe in the work of the organization that promotes the area. Additional funding is derived from State Convention and Visitors Bureau taxes and fundraising events. 

Q: What does a membership pay for? 

A: The support and vitality of our Sidney businesses! With the Chamber acting as the front door to our community, we direct inquiries and resources to businesses, organizations and individuals through our Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), as well as provide a central information hub for businesses. 

We create opportunities for businesses to grow and prosper. We provide a multitude of networking opportunities, resources and services, usually for free. Any function that gives a business or organization an opportunity to meet others and refer those they meet to other members creates a healthy community that will grow and prosper. 

The Chamber of Commerce is involved with leadership development, volunteerism, educational development, regional cooperation, economic development, member services, maintaining alliances at the local, state and federal levels, communicating current issues, candidate forums, workforce issues, housing issues, and quality of life issues that impact our community. 

We are an organization of businesses and professionals who have joined together for the purpose of promoting civic, commercial and economic progress in our community.  

Q: What is the funding used for? 

A: Day to day operational expenses, training opportunities, and marketing costs that we use to promote Sidney. 

Salaries- the staff provides information on a daily basis to those seeking information about our community. The Chamber staff responds to over eleven thousand inquiries annually, sends out over twelve hundred information packets annually, and hands out over nine thousand visitor packets annually. We are partners with a multitude of groups and organizations in various functions and provide a number of community benefits. We participate in many functions and then share information with other committees & organizations that have an interest in your area of business. 

Telephone, internet services, office supplies & equipment, printing and reproduction costs, building maintenance, insurance, postage, etc. – we need all the above to communicate and run our organization to help your business. 

Travel, education & training- investing in staff keeps turnover at a minimum and allows individuals to expand their knowledge. Learning new skills and techniques add value and expertise to their job experience. Keeping the staff informed and engaged with new skills provides a confident well informed Chamber staff that easily assists those seeking information about the area through our office. 

Conferences, summits, expositions, trade shows, and numerous meetings and events- We represent our community and our membership. Not only do we promote the community to the outside world, we promote and assist your businesses locally. Attending events, meeting and conferences allows the Chamber staff to share the wealth of knowledge we have about our community and learn what other organizations are doing in their communities. 

Marketing the community- the Chamber utilizes CVB funding to market our community events and attractions to all visitors. With the oil and gas industry and numerous tourism interests in our area, the Chamber staff receives daily inquiries from citizens wanting local information to assist with planning their trips. CVB funding is used to market the community state wide, nationwide and in various parts of Canada.  

Q: Who benefits by having a strong local Chamber of Commerce? 

A: Everyone! The Chamber of Commerce is the eyes and ears of the community. We have a passion to sell our community to visitors and locals allowing our community to grow and prosper. This “can do” attitude leaves visitors with a sense that “the front door” is always open and we enjoy sharing the wealth of knowledge about the community with others! It’s all part of supporting those who support you. 

The Chamber receives phone calls and visitors daily asking about our community. Questions and information provided include: area demographics, directions, maps, phone numbers, local business and event information, listings of lodging and restaurants, schools, health care facilities, employment opportunities, resources and information to open and/or relocate a business, relocation information for individuals and families considering moving to the area, city, county state and national contacts, and more! 

Q: How can I get involved and have the Chamber work for my business? 

A: Contact the Chamber office. We can schedule an appointment to discuss membership benefits, or point you in the direction of sponsorship or volunteer opportunities.  

Attend and/or sponsor a Chamber event; a cost effective way to increase your business by being involved, networking and generating public recognition. 

Read the Chamber newsletter. The Chamber distributes a weekly e-newsletter that includes upcoming local events, trainings, and committee information. Submit information about upcoming activities, specials, or announcements in your business to be advertised in the newsletter.  

Provide us your marketing materials. The Chamber wants to promote your organization. We can display brochures, business cards, coupons, and more inside our information center. 

Your business or organization will be listed in our newsletter, website, relocation and information packets. The Chamber refers inquiries to your business! 

The Chamber works with many organizations & committees representing the Chamber membership and keeping members apprised of current issues and events.